Meeting all your transport needs we can offer you:

  • RAIL FREIGHT. The main type of transport since it can provide delivery at any time of the year and in any weather. Guaranteed speed and quality of delivery. Suitable for large and heavy cargo.




  • ROAD FREIGHT. Flexible and efficient transport to and from your destinations. Additional delivery type in the main logistic scheme. More expensive than rail, can be used in combination from the rail hub to its final destination or in case of urgent delivery.



  • SEA AND RIVER FREIGHT. The cheapest delivery type is used over long distances. Additional types of transport are usually required to ensure delivery of goods to and from the port. Can be planned and organized from the point of origin to the final destination, minimizing risks while ensuring streamlined efficiencies.



Union Logistics B.V. has developed a network of transport suppliers connecting road, rail, sea and air modes seamlessly to provide you with a complete service from origin to destination. No matter the complexity or simplicity of the consignment, Union Logistics B.V. will manage your project through the entire logistics supply chain.